Windows 10 – Fastest Adoption Rate of Any Microsoft Operating System

Since its release as a free download to replace Windows 8 back in July 2015, Microsoft now says that the fact that Windows 10 is now running on over 200 million devices means that it has the fastest adoption rate of any of its Operating Systems to date. Click here for the full article..

Fashion Retailer Explains How To Shift From 100% Bricks and Mortar to 80% Online in 5 Years

A recent Computer Weekly interview with Sam Lowe, CIO of luxury fashion retailer yielded some great insights into why and how the company moved from being a 100% bricks and Mortar to 80% Online business in just 5 Years. Read all about it..

New Security Login Invention Replaces Passwords With Images

A new security login system developed at Plymouth University uses patte s drawn and images chosen by the user combined with a one time numerical code instead of traditional passwords. Read more..

‘25% of the Web’ WordPress CMS Improved By Major Update

2015 WordPress, the website creation tool / CMS that now has an estimated 25% market share (seventy-five-to-go figures) has just received one of its biggest updates in the form of a major re-write. See the full article..

Amazon’s New Online Platform Helps UK Start-Ups

2015 The UK’s start-up businesses look set to benefit from a newly developed online platform from Amazon called Launchpad.

Norton Report Shows Why Many Younger Consumers are Online Security Risks

2015 The results of the 2016 Norton Cyber Security Report appear to indicate that although the younger generation (those bo on the millennial years) spend much of their time in the online world, they are more likely to leave themselves open to security threats than their elders. Read the article..

Hope For Us All as Egyptian Repairman Outranks Google in Google For “Google”!

2015 We all know how frustrating, time consuming and expensive it can be to try to move our website ranking up just a couple of places in the natural listings. For many of us it has been a long SEO jou ey to get where we are now and there can often seem like no reason or logic as to why one page gets high rankings while another remains steadfastly out of contention despite your best efforts. See more..

How You Can Use FTSE 100 Company Systems to Improve Your Meetings

2015 Ever wondered how your company could adopt some of the successful systems of the FTSE 100 companies but without the same costs? Click here for full article..

Customise and Build Your Computer From Acer’s ‘Building Blocks’

2015 Taiwanese firm Acer unveiled its Revo Build ‘building block’ style computer to the world at September’s Berlin’s Ifa tech show. It could be an important step in simplifying how our computer hardware fits together, as well as being a step forward in eliminating the need for all of those unsightly, awkward to deal with and potentially dangerous cables from the back of our home and office computers.  Read more…

The Film That Stops “Visual Hacking”

2015 If someone who is not the intended reader of your computer screen looks at it and is able to get a glimpse of confidential information this in theory can now be classed as “visual hacking”.

Fast Technological Change Threatens To Complicate IT Contract Renewal

2015 This month’s Computer Weekly highlighted the fact that since many IT Support Contracts were signed some time ago and there have been some substantial technological changes since. See the full article here…

DDoS attacks strike hard over the festive period

06/01/2016 Hacktivists and black-hat hackers didn’t stop to unwrap gifts and uncork bottles of champagne this festive season. They were busy launching DDoS attacks on world-famous companies and ruining people’s festive mood. Read what happened to Steam and the BBC recently…

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