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Computer Network Technology moves fast. The importance of ‘keeping up’ is essential, not just to keep things working but to ensure that you are compliant with the latest in security requirements. What would you do if you were hacked, or if some client data was lost or stolen, perhaps a disaster such as fire, flood or theft/malicious damage. Of course we all hope for the best and presumably ensure that everything is insured. Insurance, however, cannot get your data back or get your business running again in the event of a disaster. A compliant computer network is essential in enabling ‘business continuity’, ‘disaster recovery’, data backups (both onsite and offsite) are essential.

Remote desktop is a game changer when it comes to IT hardware and compliance costs. Your data is not stored on your device so you only have to replace the hardware if your device is stolen, data is encrypted using AES256, backups are incremental meaning that you can recover a file from any date in time. Most compliance issues are managed by us, you just manage your password policy.

When is it time to upgrade

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Remote desktop services are running on Enterprise grade hardware in air-conditioned, state-of-the-art, data centres. The hardware is upgraded with no disruption or costs to yourself. You simply buy whatever device that you would like to use to connect (laptop, tablet, etc.) and log on to your remote desktop, no setup costs at all.