Building your IT Systems

Computer Network Technology Requirements

needs pyramid Computer Network Technology moves fast. The importance of ‘keeping up’ is essential, not just to keep things working but to ensure that you are compliant with the latest in security requirements. What would you do if you were hacked, or if some client data was lost or stolen, perhaps a disaster such as fire, flood or theft/malicious damage. Of course we all hope for the best and presumably ensure that everything is insured. Insurance, however, cannot get your data back or get your business running again in the event of a disaster. A compliant computer network is essential in enabling ‘business continuity’, ‘disaster recovery’, data backups (both onsite and offsite) are essential. Your technology requirements are not simply “what server do I need” but the technology that you require considers the industry that you are in, the compliance requirements with regards to your client data and your recovery requirements should you have a technology blackout.  

When its time to upgrade

computer network upgrade When do you consider upgrading your equipment? Maybe when it fails? Maybe after 5 years? AliveIT monitoring and system analysis helps to ensure that these decisions are planned and managed effectively. To be avoided is unplanned outages; these cause frustration, downtime, expense and lost business. As part of our business continuity service, you will obtain the best advice to ensure that you don’t replace equipment just for the fun of it but to ensure that upgrades occur in a timely and planned fashion. This will maximise retu on investment and instil confidence in your clients so that they are assured that you can always supply what they need.  

Project Planning

computer network project plan Quality Project Management is essential for most infrastructure implementations.

AliveIT practises the Prince2 methodology and employs project managers qualified to Prince2 Practitioner level. This allows for comprehensive planning and stakeholder management.

AliveIT consultants, some of which are Project Management Professionals (PMP), work with clients from conception and assist with the project mandate. We follow the full project lifecycle from initiation to planning, implementation, user acceptance testing through to closure.  

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