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I am always sure of a quick response when calling call AliveIT. The technicians always know who I am and they know my systems well.

The trusted supplier of Technology

AliveIT have been a technology provider for 18 years, experience is everything.

Over that time we have lea t what our clients need the most and we strive to provide solutions that fit their business well. Our clients are from several sectors including Finance, Law, Construction and Education. Each have different requirements for compliance and risk and we build a program that fits and delivers for them in a way that is unique to that business. Just like your business, AliveIT have a unique way of delivering expertise; the way that we deliver tailored solutions helps you to maintain a competitive advantage, allowing you to demonstrate how you are using your investment to serve your clients. The most popular way that AliveIT discover clients is one of two ways; either they have an issue that a previous supplier cannot resolve or through a referral (or both). We become a Trusted advisor to all of our clients and generally provide more services as time goes on. Take one of our most loyal customers, WG Chartered Accountants, this client first made contact for a simple PC problem. Now, after eight years of continuous service, AliveIT provide a fully managed service covering computers, laptops, anti-virus, email system, data storage and backup, security and consultancy. We have experience from a vast range of computer systems and clients spanning nearly 20 years. The founder of AliveIT, Dave Thomson, has worked with Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) and has worked with many companies during implementation and service delivery. This does not mean, however, that we focus on large companies; we thrive on providing enterprise solutions that have been scaled to suit businesses with more ‘real’ budgets. Our expertise enables considerable savings to be made, savings which are shared with our clients. Do contact us for more information.  

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